We are changing…

We’ve been quiet recently… but not for much longer! The reason we’ve been so quiet is that we’ve been making some changes… both to our plans and to our blog page.

Anyway, we will be publishing more details of our current activities and plans in the next couple of weeks, and you will also be able to check out our new website and blog. We are ‘rebranding’ and the website will now be called ‘peregrinology’ in line with our recently-launched Facebook and Instagram pages, but the important bit is that the email addresses that you have signed up with will automatically be carried over to the new website (everything will also redirect from the Rose Rambler WordPress site). Hopefully, you’ll still want to check out our posts (look out for the new name on our emails), but if you don’t, please let us know by dropping us a quick email. We shan’t be offended, we promise.

In the meantime, we are looking forward to seeing you on our new page! Thanks for continuing to follow us!

2 thoughts on “We are changing…

    1. Hi there! The Facebook page is actually under my name (Rosemary Young – Peregrinology), annoying it didn’t come up (I’ve fallen at the first hurdle…never was very technical!!) We are not live on the actual website just yet – just wanted to make sure we gave people a chance to let us know if they didn’t want their email carrying over. We will be good to go in a week I think though – don’t get too excited though, it’s not anything radical hahahaha. Loving your photos/blogs – your travels sound fabulous and you look like you are having an amazing time! 🙂 Rosemary & Co! xx


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