Who are we?

Travelling, eating, learning, experiencing. The challenges (and joys!) of travelling with kids and pets!

We left the UK – Jamie and I, along with our pets Bella (dog), Walter (cat), and Dita (bearded dragon) RIP – on our sailing boat, Rose Rambler, a 1973 35′ Camper & Nicholson, in September 2015.

Relative newbies to sailing, we sailed and learned all the way from Brighton, across the Bay of Biscay, down the Atlantic Coast of Spain and Portugal, and into the Strait of Gibraltar, where we paused to have our son, Hugo, in Málaga in December 2015.

A few setbacks have curtailed our progress from what we’d originally planned… The boat has gone, and Jamie has settled back in London, content to visit us around the world. However, it has given us the opportunity to travel in different forms – experiencing, exploring, learning, and adapting to our ever-changing environment, circumstances, and ideas! The fact it’s sometimes in a different form that we envisaged back in 2015 when we left the UK isn’t an issue – just another adventure…





The ship’s cat

Dita – she passed away of old age on 01/10/2018 – RIP Dita the Sailing Dragon!


Have you got a dog on board too? Check out: https://www.k9ofmine.com/dog-boating-safety/ for some great dog on board safety tips!


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