The Crew


The primary skipper and bossy one.



The 1st mate.



The Rear Admiral.



The ship’s cat, who is in charge of victualling.


The ship’s Bearded Dragon, who is responsible primarily for Winston Churchill impressions and bug control.


Bella’s speciality is enthusiasm, with honours in licking and socks.

Have you got a dog on board too? Check out: for some great dog on board safety tips!


‘Ray’ the Autohelm. RIP.


After a few trips, it has become apparent that the most important member of the crew is in fact our Raymarine Autohelm. Without ‘Ray’, we’d have to actually steer the boat for four days at a time… seriously, that is dull.  Ray rocks.  He is the best member of the crew. Ever. 

Update: Unfortunately, Ray passed on during our trip south. He suffered what was initially thought to be a bout of ‘navigational distress’ brought on by a dodgy compass, but it turned out to be a bit more serious, and some open-PCB surgery by Jamie failed to bring the poor chap back to life. We have decided to replace Ray with Ray II, who will be arriving soon.

Ray is dead. Long live Ray.