6. So long, and thanks for all the fish….?

So, we finally departed Brighton in the morning of Sunday 13th September!
Bye bye Brighton!
Bye bye Brighton!
It was a long journey to get here, metaphorically rather than geographically at this stage, and there are still a few things that are going to be sorted out ‘on the hoof’ (whatever the nautical equivalent of hooves are)…
The last couple of weeks were incredibly hectic – we had planned to leave on Saturday but a) it was far too windy and b) were actually so knackered, we decided to have a day of doing ‘not so much’ – aside, of course, from the passage plan… Obviously, this instantly  turned into a day of full-on activity to rival that of the previous days!
Pre-departure Chaos!
Pre-departure Chaos!
Over the last few weeks and months many of you have helped us realise this trip, and we wanted to thank a few of you here, apologies to those who we’ve been remiss enough to overlook, but – trust us – we have been overwhelmed, and appreciate you all!
For work on the boat, we are much indebted to Mike Stevens (www.msyachtrigging.co.uk), who not only completely replaced our rigging (and was ably assisted, Rosemary likes to think…), but also gave us some great advice and support.
The electricians at Eurotek (www.eurotekmarine.co.uk) – in particular Paul (who managed to remain positive – excuse the pun -despite everything we threw at him).
Nicky, Phil, and Olly at Nicky’s Canvas Works (www.nickyscanvasworks.com) who provided us with a smart new spray hood and stack pack, as well as a lot of advice (and some excellent orange buckets).
From work, we were presented with some amazing boat-themed shortbread by Mary in Jamie’s office, and a great render of our dinghy by David Wood Associates Architects. We also received a lobster pot from Patrick at Mace – (we will let you know how that works out – keep your eyes peeled for photos of our first catch!!), Bill at Astley Fab and Tracy at Mount Anvil – what can we say? Thanks for your support – we will try to do you proud!
Mary's Nautical Shortbread!
Mary’s Nautical Shortbread


Folks who stepped in to store stuff for us: the intrepid travellers Emma and John (c/o Jacinda and Dan, and some apple muffins), Susanne (who didn’t get much choice), and Steve (despite the building work).
People who have ‘been there, done that’ and gave us plenty of advice: the previous owners Jo & Tim, for whom RR was home for so long and gave them so many memories, Mike Stevens (again), Philippa and Kevin, Juliana and Thierry, and lots of others we met at BMYC, the marina, and various other places!
Everyone who made themselves available to see us in the manic couple of weeks before we slipped our lines to sail off into the sunset – Joe, Sean, Steve (despite the building work…again), Susanne (although she had no choice…again), Phil, Rod & Breeda, Bob & Angela, Juliana & Thierry, Mike, Paula, Louise, Anabel, Jane and  David, Nicola, Wayne (albeit briefly, and in return for a bench saw), Suzie (who even came equipped with cat-attracting flapjacks!), Kate (well, not for lack of trying!!!), Peter, Jamie and Penny (thanks for the push off and the farewell, which was drunk soon after arrival in Gosport!), Philippa and Kevin (who also slipped our last line for us in Brighton), as well as Mark – who inadvertently saw us off by being on refuelling duty in Brighton on Sunday morning, and Angela and Bob who met us on arrival in Gosport! etc etc etc
The Final Re-fuel at Brighton
The Final Re-fuel at Brighton
Arrival into the Solent
Arrival into the Solent
Arrival in Gosport (Portsmouth)
Arrival in Gosport (Portsmouth)
The list could go on and on, but thank you to everyone who has offered support, advice, practical farewell gifts, storage and postal re-directions, not to mention healthy levels of piss-taking. We hope you have all signed up to receive updates, and will enjoy reading about our adventures! We wont post every passage, as that will get a) time-consuming for us and b) dull for you, but we will keep you updated on the main ones!

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