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58. There’s a first time for every bout of stupidity…

“Ah. I see the problem madam. Your flight was yesterday”

The day after a long return from the Southern Islands (see 57. The Sea was the Least of our Concerns), we headed to Phnom Penh airport for our flight to Bangkok. Unfortunately, we were 24 hours late.

I don’t know how it happened, but it did. The first time in my life I’ve ever missed a flight due to my own stupidity. Or anyone else’s for that matter.

Off to the airline desk to rebook.

“No problem madam, you can just change your flight to tonight’s”

“Really? Great!”

“Although there’s an admin fee of USD450”

“Umm… the two flights were only USD55 each to start with…”

“Or you can book new tickets on tonight’s flight for USD225”

“Oh, ok, I’ll do that then”

“But you are travelling with your child, so it will be 2 x USD225…”

“So… the same?”




I didn’t think this transaction through rationally, and dumbly hand over my credit card.

“Oh, sorry madam, it’s cash only”

Luckily, my sanity kicked in at this point, and we said thank you and walked away from the desk to try and book something on Kayak…. Which we did for USD140. Not great, but also not 450 bucks.

I thought about staying a few extra days in Phnom Penh, but we had flights from Bangkok to Brunei booked a few days hence, and the ordeal of packing (due to my out-of-hand souvenir shopping…) had been such that I couldn’t face doing such a quick turnaround. Cambodia had been pretty full-on, and we desperately needed to do some laundry, have a bit of a rest, and post some of my souvenir shopping back…

Unfortunately, the new flight was not until nearly midnight. Which meant a nearly 2am arrival in Bangkok, not to mention an additional 8 hours in the airport. We couldn’t find any left luggage storage, and Hugo had an upset stomach, so I was loathe to pack our ever-growing luggage into a tuktuk to go riding around town – far from a convenient loo – just for the sake of killing a few hours. So we killed it in the airport with some Japanese food, a chocolate ice cream (well, two), toy trains, storytelling, and a few cartoons.

We are not amused….
This is not an 8 hour airport…..

As I contemplated the fact that we were still sitting in the same airport when we should have been in our next country, getting into bed as soon as possible in Bangkok became preferable to a middle of the night cross-city taxi to our Airbnb.

We finally rolled in to bed in our freshly-booked Bangkok airport hotel at 3am, feeling like we’d accomplished something rather more major than having missed our flight and spent about 10 hours in an airport.

Very happy to finally be on our way….
…but even happier to see this at the end of it at 3am!
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