55. Arise, Sir Mo

“Hello! America?” 

“Hello! UK” 

As soon as I said that, all three of the Koreans in front of us grinned from ear to ear and suddenly did the Mo-bot. I laughed, not quite sure what to say… ‘Er… You like Mo?’

When you go abroad as a Brit, you expect the usual questions as to whether you support Manchester United, or have ever met the Royal Family, but the Mo-bot was not something I expected Britain to be known abroad for, much less have it re-enacted for you in the street by 3 sexagenarian Koreans at a busy intersection in southern Seoul.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Mo-bot, it’s Mo Farah’s (arguably our greatest ever long-distance runner) trademark line-crossing move:

The Mo-bot (Source: Eurosport)

It goes to show how sport transcends boundaries, and I felt very proud that one of our athletes has obviously achieved some sort of popularity here (with a few people, at least!), in the same way that Usain Bolt or Lleyton Hewitt have in the UK. Weird choice of people, I know.

Anyway, it made an entertaining change from the usual – although without exception very positive – response to being British of thumbs up and smiles. And at this moment in time, I am even more pleased than usual that Sir Mo Farah is the first thing people think of!!

And even after 3 weeks in South Korea, we still hadn’t been asked if we supported Man U.

Thank goodness.

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