37. Stormy Weather Video (aka Rosemary’s Storm Distraction Activity…)

It wasn’t my plan to post again so soon after the last one, but this one is really only a video I made while trying to distract myself from yet another storm…. Being on the boat in 50kt winds isn’t my favourite thing, and we are still a little bit disabled with our lack of 3 out of 4 fairleads from another storm back in December, so we’re always conscious that we have a bit of a weakness when that sort of weather comes in. I made the video last night, but I wanted to make sure that nothing else had broken before I actually posted it…!! Hugo, of course, slept soundly all the way through it….


  1. Another one of your excellent informative blogs Rose and now videos as well. I am well impressed. And you also have Jamie moving faster than he ever did at 62BG.
    Looks like you are definitely living the dream out there (at weekends anyway) and when there is no storm blowing.
    Let me know when you are here again Ja and we can meet up for a pint.
    Hugo is catching up with Jamie at a rate of knots (nautical term there) soon be looking down to dad and not up.
    Enough of my Rambling (nearly another nautical term) you all take care and keep them coming Rose really enjoy the reads and now videos .
    All the best
    Uncle Craig

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