34. A Change of Course, or Just Direction…?

Well, after a mild flurry of posts last summer, we have again been quiet, and it seems that quite a few of you have actually missed us! We’ve had a number of emails and texts asking why we haven’t blogged in a while, where we are, what is happening with the blog, and what we’re up to. We’ve even had emails from as far afield as Canada (ok, it was only one, and it was from my cousins… but they still claim to have missed our blogs)!

The easiest question to answer is ‘where are we?’, mostly because this is the one we actually have a definite answer for. And the answer is… still in Spain… Cartagena, in fact, which lies in Murcia on the south-eastern coast, not far from Alicante.

Cartagena (L-R: Customs House, War Memorial, Town Hall, Coast Road)

The remainder of the answers are a little less definitive! I got hit quite badly with a case of ‘blogging ennui’, and it’s taken a while for it to wear off. I think I’m past the worst of it though. That said, I have decided to change the format of the blogs a bit due to what we’re now doing and planning to do… More on this later though…

Jamie is still working in the UK, and is just about to start a new project, so that will take up all of the next year at least. On that basis, we have decided that we will spend some time in Cartagena; it is a good location to travel from, there are reasonable flight connections with the UK for Jamie’s work, there is plenty going on here, and Hugo is happy in nursery. We have taken the decision (albeit reluctantly) that we need to buy a different boat. We love Rose Rambler, but the single cabin is not really workable long-term. Hugo has the v-berth (the berth at the front of the boat), as it is safe (he can’t fall out of it), and also doubles as a play room, but it does mean that we have to sleep in the saloon (lounge), and having to make/unmake the sofa bed every night is becoming a little tiresome after nearly 2 years…! We would like to have a cabin we can just walk into at bedtime and fall into bed; also without the need to pack the entire bed away so that we can have breakfast at the table in the morning!

The decision to change boats has also been a considerable motivator in our decision to stay in Cartagena for a while. It is one of the nicest marinas we have found; close to the town, lots to do, very well protected from the weather (mostly…see later comments re: storm damage…), good facilities for yachts/haul out etc so it will also – selfishly, I admit – be an easier and more enjoyable location for me to hold the fort Monday-Friday. Anyway, so the plan is to get our beloved Rose Rambler ready for sale, and start scouring the market for her replacement. An important thing for us is also to find the right buyer; she is a fabulous, classic boat, but will not suit everyone, and she needs to be sailed – she is not one for the yard or long-term marina. We know that this may take a little time, but we feel that it’s worth it for both us and her new owners. We know that we are very lucky to be in the position of not having a time-scale (although the downside of this is that we lose momentum on occasion…ahem), but hopefully things will progress with relative ease. We have looked at a couple of boats, but we are keeping our options open as we know it would be best to sell ours first rather than getting stuck with two sets of mooring fees, insurance, upkeep etc.

We still love her as much as we did on day one!

So where does this leave the answers to the ‘what are we up to?’ and ‘what is happening with the blog?’ questions? Well, I have decided that since our sailing is confined to day sails – about which I shall still be blogging – sailing can no longer really be said to be the focus of the blog… It would also be pretty dull to see ‘this is us leaving the marina’, ‘this is us sailing along’ and ‘this is us mooring up’ photos in every post; even more so for the non-sailors amongst you. However, we do take lots of trips in our hire car, there are lots of things happening here – festivals, parades, events etc, day trips, good food, and random happenings, so I shall be doing some more blogging about those as opposed to just boat-related stuff, although there will be some of that too – and we even have some damage from a Force 10 storm that came through in December (broken stuff always piques the interest, don’t you think?). It also means that I shall be able to blog more frequently (not too much more frequently, don’t worry, but more consistently than a rash of blogs followed by nothing for 8 months, for example…).

So those of you who emailed/texted saying they’d missed our blogs – and anyone else who wants to, obviously – can let us know what you think of the new topics, and what else you’d like to see us blog about as we go along. We’re working on changing the format of the blog a bit so that we can incorporate videos and recommendations for places to visit, eat, etc, but those of you that know me well will know my patience with that sort of thing is measured not even in milli-‘s, but nano-‘s, so no promises on that being imminent….

Anyway, that’s where we are, why we haven’t blogged in a while, what we’re doing, and what’s happening with the blog… So sit back, enjoy (or otherwise), and let us know how the new posts suit you by dropping us an email/text!

Thanks for continuing to follow us! I know we keep promising more exciting things, I guess it’s now our time to deliver…

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  1. Nice that you are back folks, sounds like a nice and convenient place to be based. Hugo is growing fast and everybody looking good. Keep us posted😉

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